corporate wellness

There is a growing trend in the workplace to offer more health and wellness for employees onsite.

In Touch Bodywork in conjunction with other professionals offers many types of onsite services. Nancy Shaw, owner and massage therapist for 25 years personally coordinates and puts together various wellness packages. We work with a wide range of professionals that are some of the best in the city, Including:

Physical therapists, nutritionists, board certified orthopedists, exercise physiologists, chiropractors, fitness, yoga, pilates professionals and more.

We can come to your office and provide special programs that can be designed for your needs. Including:

Fitness,Yoga and Pilates

We can provide classes and one on one instruction for employees that can help with strengthening, stress relief and general well-being.


Leading nutritionists can come to your office and talk about things such as how to eat healthy lunches and snacks during the day and provide one on one consultations.

Healthy Lunches & Catering

We can organize healthy catered lunches for your employees using a spa personal chef or some local healthy restaurants with which we work.

Workplace posture workshops and ergonomics consulting available.

Employees learn how to sit correctly, use the phone and work on their computer

Stress Management Classes

Employees will learn breathing techniques, at your desk stretches and other techniques to manage stress.

Please inquire with Nancy Shaw personally to help you coordinate what you may need.