march 22, 2010 03:37pm

The Perfect Accompaniment to Diet and Exercise

If you think watching what you eat and hitting the gym every day is the only path to good health, think again.

While regular exercise and a balanced diet both play pivotal roles in maintaining a fit body and a healthy lifestyle, as it turns out, you can also massage your way to good health. A healthy lifestyle is a balanced lifestyle, and to be balanced is to not only be physically well, it means possessing the ability to relax, recover and rejuvenate mentally so you are feeling your best in both mind and body.

Few people truly understand concepts like inner wellness and well-being, failing to recognize that health is a state that applies to the whole body and mind. There should be a proper balance between exercise, nutrition and wellness of mind. Furthermore, there must be a solid connection between mind and body, meaning that one must be healthy in order for the other to function at its optimum. No matter how many crunches or miles on the treadmill you do, whole body health can only be achieved when you're feeling good on the inside.

Apart from relieving stress and bringing about deep relaxation, massage therapy helps tone the body, increase energy, prevent degeneration, and treat ailments and injuries. Massage can work on a preventive level or it can be targeted in a particular way to speed up the healing process. Healing through massage is, for most people, a zero side-effect process. Different massages, such as sports massages, can be geared toward special conditions or lifestyles. Your massage therapist might use specialized techniques and oils that work at the physical level to soothe aching muscles, tensed nerves and encourage healing in places that require a certain kind of attention.

With its wonderful abilities to relieve pain and tension, increase the rate of healing and encourage the flow of energy, massage can be a tremendous tool to help you support a continuous state of well-being. So next time you find yourself setting new fitness goals or reviewing your healthy lifestyle agenda, remember that you have more than just one or two tricks up your sleeve when it comes to looking and feeling good. Massage is an invaluable tool in this regard - and there are hundreds of reasons why. But if you can't find any other reason to add massage to your fitness regimen aside from the fact that it feels amazing, then that's good enough!

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